Terra Coin LUNA

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Terra Coin LUNA

Terra Coin LUNA

As the most popular cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Tether, Dogecoin, etc. Its value has fluctuated significantly in the past few months because Terra has always been a stablecoin, stealing light equipment from more predictable prices. TerraForm Labs, which is in charge of the Terra cryptocurrency project, said Friday that investors such as Arrington Capital, Lights Speed Venture Partners, and Pantera Capital have raised $150 million to help advance several of Terra’s crypto projects.

TerraForm Labs and its partners have created apps that run on the company’s blockchain technology to help maintain a permanent and shared record of the company’s crypto-related financial transactions.

What is Terra?

Terra is a blockchain project developed by TerraForm Labs. It supports emerging cryptocurrencies and other financial applications. Emerging cryptocurrencies include the US Dollar Tera or UST, which is priced in US dollars by algorithms.

Terra is a stablecoin designed to reduce the volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Some stablecoins, such as Tether, are tied to cash through a cash equivalent, rather than traditional currencies such as the US dollar, algorithm, and carry-over reserve tokens. Terra is an algorithmic stablecoin with the blockchain payment network as the basis. It aims to be the first cryptocurrency to be widely used by large e-commerce alliances, including Asia-Pacific giants such as TMN, Northman, Carousel, Q10, and Tiki.

Terra maintains its value permanently through the mechanism used by the World Central Bank to increase and decrease the money supply. This means that as Terra’s economy and transaction volume grow, we can increase the money supply or use the so-called “tags” in the discount fund to benefit retail consumers. Advising end users to set prices is easy: Enjoy 5-10% off with Tray’s cash policy and enjoy the same payment experience as they used to.

Another big winner in altcoin Terra (LUNA) this week is the issuance of tokens that support digital currency protocols, with a value of 30.86%. The token felt stable after a comfortable stay on May 7. The project’s creators pledged about $70 million to increase the reserves of the Anchor Thrift Protocol. Since January, LUNA’s market capitalization has increased from $300 million to $43.4 billion. Tell Forbes.

Terra is now leading TerraForm Labs, a South Korean company founded by Daniel Shen and Kun in 2018. Kwan is a 29-year-old former Microsoft employee. Shane is now Head of Online Payment Services for Terra’s Chi Partner. Kwon said that many Koreans have used tea and terra cryptocurrency to buy movie tickets and other things.

TerraForm Labs plans to use Terra’s blockchain and related cryptocurrencies to create a digital financial system that is independent of large banks and fictional app developers from One Korea. So far, the main source of growth has been South Korea, where people are using Chi, a payment app based on the Terra blockchain, to buy goods from stores such as coffee.

In addition to cryptocurrency, TerraForm Labs also owns several other projects, including the Anchor app, high-yield savings account for cryptocurrency holders. At the same time, people can use the company’s mirror application to create artificial financial assets that mimic traditional assets, such as a “premium” representation of a company’s stock. Kwan said such synthetic assets are beneficial to people like a “small retailer in Thailand,” who can easily buy shares and a “reverse exposure” to stocks they can’t get. But some critics say the US Securities and Exchange Commission may have cracked down on man-made stocks that are currently out of control.

Is Terra a good investment?

According to your analysis, today’s investment has a safety rating of 4.3 points (out of 10), an expected return of +201%, and a cost of $23.68. The main rating factor for a token is market capitalization.

What is Terra built on?

The $150 million is part of the Terra currency Ecosystem Fund, which is used by Terra Forum Labs to fund projects built on the Terra blockchain. Terra is a bid-based blockchain that publishes a set of stablecoins based on Teroside (UST) with a price in US dollars.

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