how to buy rat coin cryptocurrency

How Crypto Currencies Works? Digital Money Guide

how to buy rat coin cryptocurrency

As a long-time Dogecoin enthusiast, it is not surprising that Elon Musk is building his own altcoin. In early April, there were rumors that he founded RatCoin (RAT), a cryptocurrency purportedly named after the Chinese Year of the Rat in 2021.

Unfortunately, these rumors are nothing more than that. At least for now, Elon seems to be more interested in Bitcoin, and for the purposes of Twitter memes, Dogecoin. However, here is all the information about RatCoin and rumors about Elon’s involvement.

What to know about RatCoin

The maximum supply of Bitcoin is 21 million. RatCoin’s bid is much higher, at 9 billion. The blockchain is built using an algorithm called Scrypt POS. According to the website, “The goal of the project is very simple: to spread an interesting coin that will invade your life.”

The origin of the rumors that Elon Musk was responsible for creating Ratcoin is not yet clear, but according to Ratcoin’s official Twitter, he was not involved in the Ratcoins development and is not an investor. It’s not that they won’t welcome his investment in meme currency.

However, as far as crypto memes are concerned, Elon seems to be “ubiquitous” on Dogecoin. Even with DOGE, it is more like entertainment than a huge investment. He claimed on Twitter that he bought a few DOGEs to teach his son about blockchain.

A price prediction for RatCoin

RatCoin is far from the top of the cryptocurrency field. The token was just announced on February 18, 2021, and it has a way to climb. According to Blockspot data, RatCoin has a market value of US$921,166 and currently has 1.8 billion coins in circulation. Until the full supply of 9 billion coins is maintained, the value of RatCoin may not change much.

As of April 5th, the value of RatCoin was 0.00967719 USD, an increase of 22,090.3%. The historic RatCoin peak appeared on February 22 and was valued at $0.001.

The viral rumors of the Musk effect will surely push RatCoin to a climax, but I feel that it will take some time for the altcoins to become popular. The CEO of Tesla seems to put his eggs in a basket of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, as he recently announced that the electric car company will now accept Bitcoin payments and will not convert the coins received into legal tender.

How to buy RatCoin

Currently, it lists RatCoin on three exchanges:

  • Freak.Exchange (a security-centric crypto asset trading platform)
  • Bololex (all-in-one cryptocurrency trading and entertainment platform)
  • Stake Center (cryptocurrency pool and exchange)

Windows users can use the RatCoin wallet to save their virtual dough. However, this accessibility has not been leaked to Apple or the Mac operating system.

Among altcoins, RatCoin is still a very alternative choice. With this in mind, it is certain that if some people think that Musk himself advocates it, they are willing to accept it.

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