how to buy native coin

How Crypto Currencies Works? Digital Money Guide

how to buy native coin

NativeCoin (N8V) is designed to meet every type of transaction needs of resorts, tribal institutions, casinos, and traditional websites, and online gaming platforms for gaming businesses. NativeCoin is not exclusively for tribal use. NativeCoin can also be used by private companies, international shippers, and private transactions.

NativeCoin’s vision is to enable offshore entities to conduct business in the original sovereign territory. The team believes that as more and more tribes develop shopping malls, amusement centers, and entertainment venues, demand for the sovereign, safe, and liquid currencies will emerge. NativeCoin is designed for emerging use cases being created by tribes and other integrated tribal organizations in the gaming space.

The goal of NativeCoin is to enable tribes to use and host online gaming portals for international clients to own and invest in their currency supply. The team believes that this will enable tens of millions of game lovers to enter tribal casinos. The current price of N8V is $0.04, which ranks 1,792 on Coinmarketcap, and has recently risen by 5.02% at the time of writing.

N8V is listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike other top cryptocurrencies, they cannot be purchased directly with original paper money. However, you can still easily buy the currency by first buying Bitcoin from any cryptocurrency to a cryptocurrency exchange, and then transferring it to the exchange that trades that currency. In this guide article, we will guide you to purchase N8V in detail A step of.

Steps to Buy NativeCoin (N8V)

Step 1: If you don’t already have ETH-Ethereum, you need to purchase ETH through exchanges that accept credit, debit cards, or bank transfers, such as Coinbase, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, and Kraken. If the exchange accepts BTC in step 2, you can use BTC-Bitcoin instead of ETH.

Step 2: Open an account on one of the following exchanges that trade NativeCoin:

  • Coin Tiger
  • Mercatox
  • stex
  • stock

Step 3: Transfer ETH and BTC to the account of the exchange you just set up.

Step 4: Use a limit order to buy at a price that suits you.

Step 5: Set up your own NativeCoin compatible wallet.

Step 6: Transfer your NativeCoin from the exchange platform to your wallet, and keep your private key in a safe place.

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