How to Buy Karen Coin

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How to Buy Karen Coin

Karen Token Coin: Entering DogeCoin, Karen took over another cryptocurrency that entered the market and beat it! Tokens are one of the fastest forms of digital currency based on the most unmistakable memes on the planet.

Karen Coin Details

Karen Coin is a deflationary identifier token that charges an 8% fee for every transaction made with this token, and then generates 4% cash and a 4% bonus for its owner. The more you save money, the more you buy coins! The motivation behind this is to promote and reject the financial supporters (big market observers) of whaling. Half of the total supply of coins was burned before release.

About Karen Coin

Karen Coin is the fastest expanding cryptocurrency based on the most obvious meme on the planet! Coupled with the abandonment of ownership, decreased liquidity, lower toll/severance fees, lifetime bonuses, and the most powerful marketing plan ever in the crypto field, Karencoin becomes the cleanest, overall, transparent, and community-based crypto ever. currency! The community works for the community.

Karen Coin Founder and Team

Paul Avendano (Founder)- Private entrepreneur and real estate engineer, has a long history of delivering results by driving the initiative and the financial system and highlighting action, development, business organization, and customer commitment.

Robbie Buckingham- Jones-A technical consultant who has worked in the IT and network security fields for more than 10 years. Participate in a wide range, involving various undertakings, from the solution of special projects to the execution of large-scale projects.

Blake Zebara- Founder Digital Office owner, focusing on the development of new businesses and SMEs. He has a top-down understanding of the way the virus is generated, the acquisition of methodology, and the transfer of major speculative returns through paid advertising campaigns.

Alana Powell- Social Media Manager deals with all members of our community and keeps them up to date with the latest data.

Eric Strok- A social media influencer with extensive knowledge of TikTok and Instagram platforms.

Karen Coin Features

Fair Launch- Karen Coin was launched on May 23 with a similar degree of freedom. No agreement was reached in advance, and no tokens were allocated to the team.

Ownership cancellation- After the contract was terminated, the Karen team gave up the ownership of the contract. Therefore, no individual or element controls the contract that makes it decentralized.

Community Drives- Highlight community-led and sponsored activities to benefit all Karen coin holders. We are at least one or not one!

Transparent team- Unlike most tasks, Karen’s team fully collaborates on-site and actively participates in the community. The only currency on earth where you are truly ready to address your boss!

Primary and continuous combustion- Semi-primary combustion is completely supplied to the “burning wallet”. Since the wallet is also a token holder, a 4% reorder level will continue to be charged for each transaction. Due to the unavailability of this wallet, the level of tokens added for each transaction was basically burned, reducing Karen Coin’s entire streaming media supply, resulting in increased demand.

Token holder- As a Karen token holder, you will be compensated by basically owning $KAREN. 4% of each transaction is usually transferred to shareholders.

How to buy Karen Token Coin Token?

  • To purchase Karen Token Coin, cryptocurrency customers must first purchase Binance Coin (BNB) and then trade it as Karen Token Coin.
  • Create a TrustWallet account and download the application. Available for iOS and Android devices,
  • Transfer BNB from Binance to Trust Wallet.
  • Click the More button in Trust Wallet to switch to Smart Chain
  • Open Trust Wallet, click DApps, find and click PanCakeSwap
  • After opening PanCakeSwap, click “Connect” in the upper right corner.
  • Copy the Karen token address “0xfd42728b76772a82ccad527e298dd15a55f4ddd6”
  • Paste the address and select Karen Token Coin, Choose the amount you want to exchange, and then exchange.

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