how to buy EOS coin

How Crypto Currencies Works? Digital Money Guide

how to buy EOS coin

EOS is a token product of The platform was launched in June 2018 to help introduce developers to a simplified platform for building decentralized applications (DApp). A DApp is a computer application that has an operating network that spans distributed computer nodes instead of a single central operating point.

The goal of is relatively simple to make it as easy as possible for developers and programmers to create DApps using blockchain technology. You can think of as an operating system similar to Windows, while EOS coins represent shares on the network and enable users to implement their programs.

EOS developers focus on providing rich educational resources and a simple platform to make easier to operate than competitors. EOS also aims to extend blockchain technology to enterprise infrastructure. Scalability is a key priority for developers, who are focused on providing faster transaction speeds and more transfers starting every second.

How to Buy EOS Coin

Step 1 | Open an Online Account

The easiest way to buy any type of cryptocurrency is to open an account with a cryptocurrency broker that has access to the coins and tokens you wish to add to your wallet. Crypto brokers work in a very straightforward way.

First, you need to associate a payment method depending on the broker, you can use a debit or credit card, bank transfer, or use services such as PayPal to buy cryptocurrency. From here, you will use the broker’s trading platform to place an order. Your broker will buy and sell the cryptocurrency of your choice according to the instructions in the order you placed.

Measured by total market capitalization, EOS is currently the 16th largest cryptocurrency. This means that when choosing a broker to trade, you will have several different options.

Step 2 | Buy a Wallet

After you decide where to buy and sell your cryptocurrency, it is best to open a private wallet to store your coins and tokens. A cryptocurrency wallet is a computer program or device that uses a special set of keys to store your coins. Compared with exchange wallets, cryptocurrency wallets can reduce the possibility of losing your funds due to exchange hacking or theft, thereby making your coins and tokens more secure.

There are two main types of cryptocurrency wallets: hardware and software. A hardware wallet is a physical device that stores your cryptocurrency offline, while a software wallet is an application that must be connected to the Internet to access your investment.

Both types of wallets have advantages and disadvantages. For example, although software wallets are free, they do not provide you with the highest level of security provided by hardware wallets.

Some factors that you may need to consider when choosing a portfolio may include:

  • Price: If you decide to invest in a hardware product portfolio, it is best to set a budget in advance. The price of the top model is usually more than $100, while the price of the low-end model is usually around $50. If you are looking for a fast and free way to store your coins, please consider opening a software wallet now.
  • Touch screen access: Looking for a way to manage coins while traveling? Consider investing in a wallet that contains a touch screen or screen directly on the device. This allows you to view your coins without connecting to a local Wi-Fi connection or using phone data.
  • Support all your coins and tokens: Not every cryptocurrency wallet supports every item on the market. Before transferring from an exchange wallet, please make sure that the wallet you choose supports the cryptocurrency you invest in. Before completing the token transfer, you may need to send a small amount of cryptocurrency to ensure that you have the correct wallet address.

Step 3 | Make Your Purchase

When you fund your account and decide how to store coins, you can finally make a purchase. First, decide how much you want to invest in EOS and use the current market price of the tokens to determine how many tokens you can buy. Before placing an order, you may need to spend some time observing price changes to ensure that you get the most benefit from your investment.

After placing an order through your broker’s trading platform, the broker will execute and check the order. When your order is executed, you will see your EOS in your brokerage account. To transfer your coins to your own wallet, find your wallet address and start the transfer from your brokerage account to your wallet.

Double-check that your address is correct before starting the transfer-if you send your cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet address, it is almost impossible to retrieve it.

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